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I'm a Certified Life Coach who helps women get clear on their priorities and goals. I work with them to identify and overcome the obstacles keeping them from reaching those goals and living their best life.

Client Testimonials

I have known Coach Temetria for two years as an accountability partner and now a coach! She is a fantastic thought partner who helped me to better understand the root of my concerns around money and productivity.  As a full-time employee who balances grad school and caregiver responsibilities, I often deprioritized my own self-care, which of course led to more stress and anxiety. Coach "T" gave me new thoughts to practice that have changed the way I view my capacity to have more fulfillment and time in my life. Coaching is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself, and I am so fortunate to have worked with Coach Temetria! 
M. Morgan
Coach Temetria Coach T. Came into my life at just the right time. I had experienced a knee injury and fearing that the pain might be permanent. Coach T. helped me get through this tough time while also helping me use thought work to rethink different situations in my life. She has a lot of super resources that she uses for homework, and she is highly motivating. I can’t wait to see where our coaching relationship goes.
S. Prince
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