You Should be Committed!

Oct 14, 2021

Last week we talked about getting clear on your vision, goals, and your why(s) behind them.  Now that you have clarity, what are you going to do about it?

Will you commit to yourself wholeheartedly? If you did the exercise, you thought about the reasons why YOU wanted this goal.  So, your commitment is to yourself.

Are you going to have your own back? Are you going to dig deep and commit to your goal? You should be committed!

Spend some time thinking about the questions above.

If your answer is no to any of them, examine why it is no when this is the goal you have set for yourself. Something that will make your life better or move you forward. 

If your answer is yes, list all of the things you are willing to commit to doing. Then look at that list and think about how it makes you feel and why. And, tie that back to why you want the goal.

Now, what are you willing to commit to giving up or sacrificing to reach your goal?  The sacrifices may be short-term or permanent.  But remember what you’re getting in the exchange. 

One last thing about commitment. Don’t look at the commitment as a punishment; it is a promise you are making to yourself… for yourself. 

Olympic athletes commit to themselves by sacrificing countless hours to the work it takes to be ranked among the elite in their sports. They keep their eye on the prize, not what they are giving up.

Keep your eye on your prize – your goal, your vision for your life.

Click on the link above if you would like guidance on how to focus on the prize.

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