When You Grow Up

Oct 07, 2021

When you were little, people asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up; I bet you had an answer. And I bet you could spit it out pretty quick, all puffed up and proud with a smile on your face.

That answer came from your heart and spirit and a mind that believed everything was possible. You were still trying things, learning, and willing to not be good or fail at something.

Fast forward to today. If someone asked you what you wanted to be (as an actual grown up with more resources at your disposal), you would answer from your head, analyzing what you have done in the past, what kind of effort it will take, how much it would cost to get training or start a new venture.  Basically, talking yourself out of it before you even gave yourself a chance.

What changed? As you were going through life, the world told you, "no." They told you that there were rules and roles for people. They gave you all the reasons why you couldn't instead of all the reasons you could do it.

Theoretically, it was all for your own good. To keep you from getting hurt or being disappointed.

Well, I'm here to tell you that you are safe to dream, and I support you in your dream. Your vision for your life should be a vision from your heart. When you are thinking about what you want in life, try to tap into the spirit and optimism of your younger self. Then let your adult self, the one with the resources, knowledge, and ability, carry out the vision.

I know you are coming up with all of the reasons you can't right now. But you can take those reasons, figure out how to overcome or address each one, and use them as stepping stones to your goal.   

Don't let those thoughts keep you from going for your dreams. It may take time. It may be challenging, but you can achieve it if it is truly something you want or want to be.

We are in Week 1 of Project You, a six-week program to get you on the road to the life you want or a goal you want to achieve.

Don't sit around waiting, promising yourself that on January 1, you are going to get it together for the new year.  

Do it now; the New Year does not hold magical power over acheiving your goal; it is just hype.

The power lies in your commitment to your vision and yourself.

So take time to get very clear on what you want and the why behind it.

This first week, I suggest using the journal prompts below to help you find clarity around your vision by asking positive questions to help you focus on finding an answer.


  • If I knew I couldn't fail, what would I try? 
  • What am I capable of?
  • What can I think to feel more confident?

Try the following journal prompts to explore deeper. Journal from the place of having already achieved the goal and what your life looks like when you have reached your goal

  • I have achieved ___, I feel... 
  • Having accomplished this goal makes me feel____.
  • I feel proud of ____.

 If you need help getting clarity around your visions or goal, click on the link above to schedule an Unleash the Possibilities of You session.

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