Transform Your Life From a Place of Love

Dec 18, 2021

Going into next year, I want you to promise me something.  Actually, I want you to make this promise to yourself. 

When you think about your resolutions or goals or changes you will make in the New Year, don’t think about what you’re giving up or not doing.  Think about who you are going to become, what you are going to accomplish, or what you will have; and state it as if you are already there. 

I am a strong, fit, healthy person.

I have a neat, organized home.

I am debt-free.

Make your changes or improvements from a place of love.

And as you start to make your changes, give yourself the grace and encouragement you would give a baby who is learning to walk. (I almost said teenager learning to drive, but…)

Seriously, if you are thinking about your New Year’s resolution and already feeling dread and putting it off until January 2nd, you need to think about it differently. 

As a coach, I help my clients approach things differently. We look at why the way you have done things in the past doesn’t work and how to transform your life from a place of love.

Click here to schedule an Unleash the Possibilities of You call, and we will explore who you will become in the New Year!

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