The Process of Progress

Sep 02, 2021

Even coaches need a coach. I recently shared with you that I define transformation as the process of progress because unless you're Samantha Stevens, you can't snap your fingers and be done.

Well, I recently decided to make some changes in my business, and my coach helped me see that I was dragging my feet on a couple of things. When we examined why, I realized that it was because I wanted everything to be perfect. And, even though I'm happy with my decision and I love the new direction I'm taking with my business, doubt creeps in sometimes. I'm human… and not perfect.

When you decide to make a change, your brain goes to work. It gives you all of the "what if," "I can't because," "I've never done it before," and "it is going to be hard" thoughts. Then come the feelings of doubt, helplessness, uncertainty, and fear, along with a host of others. Next come ruminating, procrastinating, worrying, and avoiding to round out the party.

So consider the following when you decide to transform an area of your life and all of this comes up.

Recognize that all of those "what if" and "can't" are just thoughts. Brain chatter to keep you "safe" and in your comfort zone. Your brain doesn't like change and the unknown; it wants to rinse and repeat. That is the way it evolved into the highly efficient machine that it is today; it figured out the easiest, safest way to do something and did that over and over until it became a habit. So when you throw out something unknown, it automatically says, "Are you sure about that? Let me show you all the reasons this is not a good idea."

And when you have one of those thoughts, and you believe that it is absolutely true, it will trigger feelings. When you are thinking, "I can't do this" or "It's going to be hard," you are not going to feel motivated and unstoppable. You are going to feel things like insecurity and fear.

I'll let you in on a little secret. You don't create magical, wonderful things from those feelings. Fear has never gotten you off the couch unless whatever you were running from was on the couch. Or you got up to seek shelter in a bag of chips or bowl of ice cream. Those types of feelings keep you stuck.

I bet you are thinking to yourself, "She is doing a terrible job of selling transformation right now." But what I want you to know is that working through all of that is the PROCESS that will bring you the PROGRESS. 

So how do you work through it? 

  1. Pick apart each of your thoughts and ask yourself if it is true (absolute fact) or if your brain is just being dramatic. If it is indeed a fact, decide how you want to proceed. You are in control of that. If your brain is offering dramatic thoughts, figure out how to change them and think something different. (It is, and it isn't, just that easy.)
  2. Know that those feelings that come up can't really hurt you. You can feel them and still be okay. Most people try to resist, avoid or cover them up, which either doesn't work or brings on a host of other problems. The next time you are in the middle of one of those feelings, know that it will go away at some point, and you are okay.
  3. And once you get your thoughts and feelings in check, your actions will align, and if you continue to work on your thoughts and feelings, you will achieve your results.

It is just that simple. But we are all human, and sometimes even a coach who knows it is that simple needs someone to help her see it.      

If you need someone to walk you through it and help you see how your brain is being dramatic and throwing shade, schedule a no-obligation Unleash the Possibilities coaching session with me. My next available appointment is mid-September; click on the link at the top of the page to schedule your appointment now.

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