New Thoughts and Believing What is Possible

May 10, 2022

You can choose to think any thought, so why not think thoughts that will elevate your life? 

I bet you think I can’t think thoughts that are not true or are unrealistic. Well, let me ask you, have you ever worried about something? Worrying is playing out scenarios in your head that have not happened yet. So you are thinking thoughts that are not true. 

Have you ever replayed an event in your head the way you think it “should have” gone? When you think about how something should have happened, you have unrealistic thoughts because that is not the way it happened.

So yes, you can choose your thoughts. So instead of going to the negative or choosing thoughts that don’t serve you, why not choose thoughts that are helpful to you?

For example, the night before a big presentation at work, don’t play out every scenario that could go wrong. Think of all of the ways it can go right. You are still preparing yourself and psyching yourself up for an outcome; you are just doing it in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling dread with your stomach in knots.

So if your brain is throwing you shady thoughts, purposefully look for ways to turn them around. And if you can’t go to the extreme opposite of your crappy thought, work on making it a less crappy thought.

It takes practice to override those old thinking patterns, but you can make the shift. Whenever those old thoughts come up, notice them without judgment and say, “I choose to think ___ now.”  It may sound corny, but you literally have to retrain your brain.

Eventually, the new thoughts will start to crowd out the old thoughts.

Mindset is a SET way of thinking about things, be patient with yourself as you RESET.

I would love to help you explore ways to reset your mind and take your life to the next level. Click on the link at the top of the page to schedule a no-obligation Unleash the Possibilities of You call, and let’s see what is possible for you when you have a mindset shift.

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