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Feb 05, 2021

Welcome to the first Coach T’s Thursday Thoughts. I’m Temetria, a Life Coach on a mission to empower women to step into their authentic selves and live big, bold, unapologetic lives. I want this blog to be a forum for exploring the issues that we face as women maneuvering through the world, trying to do it all and be everything to everyone.  

I want to explore why we feel obligated to show up this way and offer that if you are ready to leave that thinking behind and create your life on your terms, I’m your coach!     

First, a little about me, I found life coaching by accident. I wanted to lose weight, and this blonde woman kept popping up in my Facebook feed talking about how she had lost 100 pounds. So, one day, I thought what the heck and clicked over to her podcast, and Corinne Crabtree changed the course of my life. I joined her program, and on my way to weight loss (18 pounds and counting), I lost a ton of mental weight. And I gained clarity and focus on what I wanted my life to look like and who was responsible for making that happen. And realized that it was me, and only me.

Corinne’s program taught me the basics of weight loss and that it really starts with the thought work. We should hear the things we say to ourselves all day, every day. I learned that my day and my thoughts were full of “shoulds.”  

I should lose weight.

I should be more successful.

I should eat salads

I should be a better friend.

I should exercise.

I should call my mother.

I should do laundry.

I should clean.

I should meal-prep.

I should be more involved in my community.

I should take vitamins.

I should watch less TV.

I should save more.

I should give more.

I should be married.

I should floss… and the list goes on. 

While there is nothing wrong with any of those things, and some of them may even make my life better, who’s to say I have to do any of them?

Why did I have this list of “shoulds” constantly running through my mind? It took some work to figure out that I wanted the world to approve of me and like me. It took me even more time to figure out that none of that matters. The only thing that matters is what I think of me because I can’t control what anyone else thinks.   

Are the “shoulds” on a continual loop in your brain? If your list is long and your obligations seem unending, you are in the right place. And I’m here to tell you that you have the option to only do the things you want to do! I’m not saying you have to be overjoyed to clean or do the laundry or floss, but the decision to do those things is yours to make. And you can like your reason for the decision.

Now we do live in a society, and there are rules and consequences, but you are in control of your life and your decisions. For example, you don’t have to go to work every day, but if you like to eat and have a roof over your head, you might want to. So, know the power you hold in your ability to make decisions, and own it.   

Your Day. Your Life. Your Dreams. Your Way.

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