Mar 25, 2021

I popped popcorn a while ago and noticed that there were quite a few un-popped kernels left, and I thought, “What if they had a second chance?” And, because it was COVID and I was bored, I tried re-popping the un-popped kernels. To my surprise, most of them popped, and they were good, just as good as the first round.

So I started thinking, what if you “re-popped” a goal. Something you had tried before but failed short of accomplishing, something you started and just didn’t finish, or something you never quite had the nerve to pursue. What if you nailed it the second time around

You don’t fail until you quit! 

You can still do that thing that you have always wanted to do, or pivot and change everything as long as you are still alive and kicking. Or, just alive… you can work up to the kicking! You hear the stories all the time about the 84-year-old grandmother that got her college degree, the retiree who started a new career in the field they always dreamed about, or the people who found true love late in life. Think about Anna Marie Robertson Moses, who began painting at the age of 78. Someone who I follow on Instagram and am fascinated with is Joan MacDonald (@trainwithjoan). She started her amazing transformation at the age of 70! Go check her out. These women are testaments to the fact that it is never too late.

I “re-popped” my life at 52. I decided I wanted a change, and I am making it happen. I found a life coach on my weight loss journey and had a total mindset shift. My fitness journey is ongoing, but I’m 1000% happier than I was when I began the process because of the shift in mindset.  And, I was a pretty happy person before. 

The happiness and peace of mind have come from realizing that it is not a number on the scale or a clothes size that will make me happy. My joy is determined by how I decide to think and feel about myself and how I approach my life on a daily basis. So, my “re-pop” was my decision to become a life coach to help other women see what is possible in their lives.

It is never too late, and it’s not over until it is over. I would offer that you need to do three things if there is something you want to do, be or accomplish.  

  1. Decide
  2. Work on your mind
  3. Don’t quit

Step 2 is where the magic happens! I often come in just before Step 1 because people like to wallow in indecision. Or, I come in right after Step 1 because once you decide to do something big (or something small, for that matter), all of the doubt comes up. It’s normal.

The only thing holding you back is your thoughts. Your mind will throw up all sorts of thoughts and drama to keep you stuck and not moving forward. I know you think it is the money, time, lack of know-how, or past failures. But it really is just all in your head, and we can go to work your head! I help you identify and overcome the obstacles standing in the way of your dreams and the life you want to live.   

If you want help with your mindset and the thoughts holding you back, schedule a consultation, and let’s discuss how I can help you get out of your head and into your dream life.

Your Day. Your Life. Your Dreams. Your Way.


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