It's All Still Possible

Aug 12, 2021

Are you still growing and trying to reach new heights?  

Why do we set our lives to autopilot once we hit a certain age, or one of the events that society had determined is a milestone? Somewhere around 40 to 50, maybe married, maybe with a few kids, you start to just go through the motions. 

You go through life with one day rolling into the next, busy in your career, working towards the next rung on the ladder, looking forward to your 6% annual raise, and waiting for retirement. 

And if that makes you spring out of bed each morning ready to go, passionate about what you are creating in the world, that is great! Keep going!

But if you ever feel like there is something more.  Like you missed an opportunity to pursue your dreams, or if there is something that you just discovered that you feel passionate about…

I want you to know IT IS NOT TOO LATE to go after it.

When you think of pursuing a dream or maybe creating a new plan for the direction of your life, does your brain automatically begin to give your all of the reasons you can’t do it?

Maybe you want to start a new career in a different field, but you think it will be too hard to start over and compete with the younger workforce. That is your brain trying to keep you safe in your familiar, comfortable zone because the unknown is scary for the brain. But who is to say you can’t compete with someone younger?  Think about all you bring to the table with your knowledge and experience that a younger person does not.

(On a side note, two women I follow on Instagram are amazing examples of what is possible at any age. Carolyn Doelling @doellingcarolyn and Joan MacDonald @trainwithjoan.) 

Or you might want to pick up your whole life and move to another city or another country. Your brain will automatically start with thoughts like, “You won’t’ know anyone.” “What if you hate it?” “Think about all the stuff you have to pack.” “It will be a pain to change the address on everything.”

Some of those things seem ridiculous listed here, but those are the sorts of thoughts that keep us stuck!

So what I want to offer is it is okay to spend some time just thinking about what is possible in your life. What do you really want? Because you have the power to create the life you want. And the first step to creating what you want is just thinking about what is possible.

It may take some effort to create it. You may stumble along the way. But what if you were willing to stumble and maybe even fall on your face a few times? But what if that last time you got up, you hit the jackpot. You got what you wanted. You achieved your goal.  Wouldn’t it be worth it?

If you have a goal, a dream, or even just a project that you can’t seem to move the needle on, schedule a call with me and let’s talk about what is possible.  Because anything is possible!     

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