It Must Have Been Easy for Them

Apr 01, 2021

What runs through your mind when you see someone who looks like they have it all or has reached a certain level of success? Or lives in the big house? Or drives the fancy car? Or has what appears to be the perfect family? Do you think, "It must have come easy for them?" Do you see people who are thin and think, "they must have been born that way?" "Or they are naturally thin." Do you tell yourself, "I can't do that or have that?" You can! You may have to push a little harder, work a little more to build it, but what's wrong with that?  Working for what you want is extremely rewarding.

Think of building your life like you build muscle.  Work it to fatigue, make it do something it has never done before. You break it down, then it repairs itself and the next time it is called upon, it can do it again, and it is a little easier.  And it (YOU) can do a little more. 

You start where you are, and you build.  And what and how you build is up to you!

Do something a little challenging.  Do something a lot challenging.  Something different from what you have done in the past and build a new way!  A new, bigger, better life, a better you.  Shape your life like you shape your muscles.

Your brain will give you a lot of reasons why you can't do something. Those reasons are just thoughts.  As soon as you make a plan or a goal that pushes you out of your comfort zone, your brain will give you a million reasons why it is hard and you shouldn't do it. That is just your brain's way of keeping you safe.

Our brains have evolved to keep us safe. They go for the safe, secure, known option or path because in our primitive days, that what it took to keep us alive, and that was your brain's job. We had to play it safe, and it was safe to repeat what you had done in the past.  It wasn't safe to try the new berry because it may have been poisonous.   Now, the primitive brain sees a new adventure (or a new way of doing things) as the "new berry," and it erroneously sends danger messages to keep you in your "safe" zone when faced with something new or unknown.   

You have to put your prefrontal cortex to work on your new goal or plan.  Our human brain can plan and contemplate the future. The prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain that you want to put to work on your new goal or plan.  Make decisions in advance about the goals or objectives that you want to implement.  Write them down.  And when your primitive brain throws up danger signals, you know that it is just doing its job.

The person who seems to have it all has probably worked for it.  It may not have come easy for them; they worked through the discomfort and doubt to achieve their goals. 

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