Jul 14, 2022

What choices are you making in life? Probably a lot more than you think; every single thing you do is a choice.

You probably have a whole list of things that you think you have to do. But I’m here to release you from all of that and show you your power.

Your power is in your thoughts and how you are looking at things.

You don’t have to go to work; you choose to so you can pay your bills and eat.

You don’t have to pay your mortgage; you like having shelter.

You don’t have to clean your house, but you enjoy a clean living space.

If you are willing to accept the consequences, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. 

Realizing that and understanding why you choose to do what you do, gives you agency in your life. It is powerful to know that life is not just happening to you; you are in control of your life.

I could give you hundreds of examples, but it may sound like hooey until you experience the shift for yourself! (Yes, I said “hooey.”)

So the next time you start thinking that you “have to,” “need to,” or “should,” try replacing those phrases with “choose to,” “get to,” and “want to.”

It gives you choices, agency, and power. Try it. And let me know how it works.

I love that I get to share this information with you.

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