Are You a Nag?

Mar 11, 2021

Do you hear a nagging voice in your head?  Whose voice is it? Your mothers?  Your third-grade teacher?  There is a very good chance that it is your voice and that it is a negative voice. 

Most people have upwards of 60,000 thoughts a day, and those thoughts are usually negative. The human brain has evolved to protect us from danger and seek comfort. It doesn’t automatically go to rainbows and daisies. It is on the lookout for the next threat or next meal. It is not programmed to lift you up and show you all you are capable of; it is programmed to keep you safe. 

If your internal dialogue is on a heavy, negative loop, you will feel exhausted at the end of the day. How can you not? Can you imagine having someone nagging at you all day about everything?

Take a minute and seriously think of all the things you say to yourself throughout the day.  Would you say those things to your best friend?  Your enemy?  Why do you say those things to yourself?  I think that half the time, we don’t even know we are doing it. They are not overtly mean things.  They are things like, “I never…”  “I always…”  “Why can’t I just…”   “I can’t…”  “I should…”

What if you just had your own back, and you were your own best friend? It takes effort, but it is possible and worth the work to change the negative thoughts that run through your head. It may not happen overnight, and you may not believe them right away, but you can change the dialogue.  But it is so worth it!  Who do you spend the most time with??? You! That is why the conversations you have with yourself are so important!

Your thoughts cause your feelings, which cause your actions which get your results. So, where you are today is a result of your past thoughts. The good news is that when you start to change your thoughts and feelings, your actions will change, and you will change your life. You can create the life that you want to live. 

A thousand things happen during the day. We interact with coworkers, friends, and family.  We live in a global society, and the only thing you can control is YOU!  So why not spend some time thinking about the way you think about things? Really examine the thoughts that run through your mind. 

In the very simplest of terms, whether you think the glass is half empty or the glass is half full, know that you have the power to fill that glass with anything you choose! The glass is yours to do with as you please. 

You may think that I am oversimplifying it. But why do you think it has to be complicated? We have been conditioned to think certain ways and believe certain things “are just that way.”  What I want to offer is that it is okay to question the way things are and how you think about those things. You can change what is happening in your life by changing your thoughts. The worst thing that could happen is you try the new thoughts, you don’t like them, and you go back to your old thoughts.    

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